Building a funnel in Audience Studio allows you to more specifically target customers who are in a different stage of a purchasing journey. For example, let’s say you want to offer a discount to those customers who have already put items into a shopping cart, but have not yet purchased. You can create a funnel that shows which customers are in that stage of the buying process and create an email campaign targeting those customers. In Treasure Data, you can customize each stage to your company’s specific marketing funnel when you build it.

Building a Funnel

1. Navigate to Audience Studio.
2. Select the Parent Segment from the dropdown. 

3. The root folder for the parent segment is highlighted. If you want to create a funnel within a sub-folder, highlight that folder.

The root folder is named 'root folder' by default. You can rename it.

4. Select Create New from the task menu

or by right-clicking on the folder 
5. Select Create Funnel. Enter the name and description. Funnel names must be unique within the folder created.

6. Create names for each of the stages under Stages. Stage names must be unique within the same funnel. You are able to create 3-8 stages. Select -- to add stages. You can define the rules for each stage later. You can also rearrange the funnel stages as needed by dragging the stages in the desired order.

7. Select Create.
8. You can now see the funnel in the folder tree. The stages are listed under the funnel.
9.  The next step is to create the rules for each stage.

Editing a Funnel

After you have built a funnel, you can go back and edit it. To edit a funnel:

1. Navigate to Audience Studio.
2. Highlight the funnel you want to edit.
3. Select Edit Funnel from the task menu

or right-click and select Edit funnel.

4. Edit the funnel stage names and order as needed.
5. Select Save.
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