These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of August 2022.

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BETA Releases

Segment Search

Search capabilities have been improved allowing users to find objects by keyword from the segment tree navigation in the Audience Studio.

Contact Customer Support to enable this improved feature on your account.

Learn more about Searching for Segments.

Cookie Consent Manager

Cookie Consent Manager enables customers to configure, deploy and manage cookie banners that collect cookie consent on their brand's website. Consent Manager integrates with Google Tag Manager, and, using a graphical user interface within TD Console, customers can easily create and deploy consent banners on their websites with little or no JavaScript or HTML coding. 

Learn about Cookie Consent Manager

GA Releases

Workflow Landing Page

Workflow landing page improvements help users quickly understand workflow activities in a single dashboard:

  • Review project and workflow hierarchy.
  • Drill down into a workflow by applying filters on multiple fields.

Contact Customer Support to enable this improved feature on your account.

Learn more about Viewing the Treasure Workflow Landing Page.

Resource Isolation for Data Models

To better manage resource provisioning for Insights Models, Treasure Data has introduced a resource isolation feature for Treasure Insights. This enhancement improves platform stability by proactively avoiding Out-of-Memory exceptions when one or more dashboards or models use unreasonably large amounts of resources inadvertently impacting the performance of other active dashboards or models. Resource provisioning is enabled for building data models and for dashboards.

Learn more about how to view Insights Models Limits and Storage.


Improved performance of Presto Geo UDFs

Treasure Data has improved the performance of its geo-based Presto UDF, which is used to convert location data based on IP information. This UDF is used to analyze log data from various processes within the CDP including Audience Studio and td-js-sdk. Performance tests have shown up to 10 times improvement in speed, depending on the query.

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