Why am I not seeing my actions in the audit log?

It might take up to 10 minutes for an event to appear in the audit log. There is a period of latency between the action and the logging of the event.

Are data connector activities such as export results logged?

Most data connector activities are captured as job events. No logged job action exists for exporting data in a query.

In the Premium audit log, you can see job result download as an event. If you download a result, for example as a CSV or TSV, it is recorded as job_result_download event. You can also see a preview of job results as an event: job_result_show event.

Job events cover several data connector activities as well as Hive and Presto queries.

What is the difference between an audit trail and audit log?

In some cases, audit log and audit trail are used interchangeably. Generally:

  • Audit Logs. (Supported) Informs you what an actor (user or entity) did. The log monitors who did what, and when.
  • Audit Trails tell you what sequence of actions occurred for a certain state to be created. You use trails to confirm how and why the system or the data is in a certain state.

Treasure Data offers audit logs, not audit trails.

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