Funnels is a legacy feature. Learn more about Treasure Data Journey Customer Orchestration, a premium feature currently in Beta that will replace Funnels.

Treasure Data is excited to announce our new Audience Studio interface with improved functionality and features. As features are released, we will announce them on this page. 

The following features are available in our new Audience Studio:

Audience Studio

The new Audience Studio features a much more intuitive interface and easier navigation between segments by using a folder tree structure and to create and edit segments in the new Segment Editor.

Folder Tree

The folder tree structure also offers the ability to restrict access to certain parent segments and batch and real-time segments which provides greater security. 

Segment Editor

The Segment Editor interface is a marketer-friendly environment that enables drag-and-drop functionality for building rules sets for each segment along with the ability to customize rules and rule set applications.


Dashboards are data visualization tools that allow users to understand business analytics in a single panel. Dashboards typically contain various charts that display data based on a specified time frame. 


Funnels enables marketers to create and customize a funnel with up to 8 stages in the Audience Studio to reflect the exact buying experience of their customers.

A/B Testing

A/B gives you the ability to test different types of campaigns for different groups, compare the performance of campaigns between groups, identify the best performing marketing strategies and optimize future campaigns based on those insights.


Learn how to create segment and funnel activations.

Features Available and Documentation Links



Audience Studio

Audience Studio Overview


Folders Overview

Segment Editor

Segments Overview


Funnels Overview

A/B Testing

Setting Up A/B Testing

Time-based Behavior and Attribute Columns

Customizing Behavior and Attribute Columns for Segment Rules
ActivationsActivations Overview
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