These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of April 2023.

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BETA Releases

Multiple IdP Support - Improvement

Treasure Data is updating its support for multiple Identity Federation so that customers can use different identity providers in an account. Contact your Customer Success Representative for more information.

Learn more about Identity Federation in Treasure Data.

GA Releases

Yahoo! Ads - Improvement

As Yahoo! Japan brings updates to their APIs, Treasure Data update our connector to reflect this change. In this release, a new required parameter (Account ID) is presented to the Direct Targeting flow. Contact your Yahoo! Japan support and Treasure Data Support for migrating your existing jobs. 

Learn more about Yahoo! Ads Export Integration.

Dotdigital Import Integration - Improvement

Dotdigital Engagement Cloud is an omnichannel marketing solution designed to send data-triggered campaigns across channels including email, SMS, social media, push notifications, and more. This improvement, adds the new datatype of Address Books, enabling you to more easily collect contacts from all your address books.

Learn more about Dotdigital Import Integration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud V2 Export Integration - Improvement

Treasure Data can publish user segments into Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), and enable you to send personalized emails to your customers.

With this improvement, you can specify and fine-tune the number of records in one batch with the records_per_batch parameter, which has the default value as 32000 and can range from 100 to 32000. The number of allowed asynchronous jobs is calculated dynamically to avoid keeping the connector busy from checking the asynchronous jobs' status. 

Learn more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud V2 Export Integration.


Table Scan Performance

Treasure Data made additional improvements to the Table Scan Performance Improvement on Hive that was introduced in the February 2023 Release Note. Performance improvements are no longer limited to vectorized I/O requests. Now all table scanning benefits from the new I/O engine, and sample table scanning of targeted CDP queries is now 20~30% faster on average.

Shorter Session Time-out

Treasure Data allows you to configure a shorter time-out in the drop down configurations.

Learn about Specifying Maximum Login Attempts and Session Timeouts.

Reset Password - Improvement

The UI is improved with better criteria validation experience when a user creates or resets their password.


Treasure Data Journey Orchestration - Jump

A new Jump feature in TD Journey Orchestration supports sending profiles from one journey to another journey or journey stage based on their behaviors and attributes, enabling marketers to move profiles who no longer qualify for the current journey to a different journey to target them with a different product/service, as well as move profiles that have completed a purchase journey to an onboarding journey.

Console Login Page - Improvement

Treasure Data is rolling out a new login experience highlighting new features with an option to book a demo. Be on the lookout for an updated look and feel to the login page for your region by mid-May.

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