These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of April 2022.

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BETA Releases

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration

For the CX manager who manages omnichannel experiences, TD Journey Orchestration identifies audiences along the buying cycle and connects the relevant campaigns and channels to the individual user’s behavior.

  • Every Channel, One Journey. Follow your customers everywhere they go, across all channels in a single journey. Even service and sales.

  • Drag-and-Drop Journey Builder. Develop no-code customer journeys with ease

  • Allow teams to use the tools they love, while we make them smarter. Your tools will benefit from access to the same single source of customer truth, so they update as buying behaviors and predictions change.

  • Automated Segmentation & Retargeting. Adapt and segment with retargeting to boost conversions

Learn more about Treasure Data Journey Orchestration Overview.

Replace Query Editor from ACE to Monaco

Treasure Data has improved the editing experience of Queries on TD Console by replacing the underlying ACE editor with Monaco Editor. With this change, you can experience superior inbuilt functionality provided by Monaco Editor. All the existing functionality of the Query editor that you are familiar with will continue to work as-is, the only difference is the additional inbuilt functionality that Monaco provides.

Learn more about the enhancements to the editor and additional query editing features

GA Releases

Eloqua Import and Export Integrations

You can use Eloqua Import and Export integrations to manage your marketing campaigns and send marketing advertisements to mobile devices, email, video, and search results pages. These integrations are now generally available.

Learn more about Oracle Eloqua Import Integration.

Learn more about Oracle Eloqua Export Integration.

Google Ads Import V2

Google Ads API has made a large upgrade with many improvements. Now, you can facilitate these upgrades with our new Google Ads Import Integration - V2. Treasure Data suggests that you migrate your current workflows from the current Google Ads to the most recent version before Google deprecates the previous one.

Learn more about Google Ads Import Integration - V2.

Learn more about Migrating Google Adwords Integrations.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site Cartridge - Web Tracking Integration

Treasure Data cartridges enable users to quickly and easily implement Treasure Data JavaScript SDK on their storefront. Cartridges automatically deploy Treasure Data JavaScript SDK tracking across the site and allow users to collect the desired data, including such as page impressions, events, order information as well as customer information. The cartridge integrations are flexible—allowing users to integrate it into only a small part of their storefront or the entire storefront.

This enables you to integrate your Commerce Cloud data with the rest of your customer data within the CDP—allowing you to gain additional insights from eCommerce purchases and behaviors. 

Learn more about Salesforce Commerce cloud site Cartridge Web Tracking Integration.

Twitter Tailored Audience Export Integration - Support DELETE - Kaizen

Tailored Audiences is a type of targeting option for Twitter Ads, enabling you to review and manage your audiences. With this kaizen, Treasure Data updated the Twitter Tailored Audience connector to support DELETE mode, which helps to provide an opt-out capability to your marketing flow aiming to allow you the ability to sync user lists based on the consent of the end-user. 

Learn more about Twitter Tailored Audience Export Integration.


End of Support for Hive 0.13

As of April 15, 2022, Hive 0.13 is deprecated. All queries submitted after May 9 will default to Hive 2/Tez (2020.1). Queries submitted with an unspecified Hive version prior to May 9 will also default to 2/Tez. If you need more information, contact your support representative. 

Learn more about Migrating to Hive 2/Tez(2020.1). 


Oracle Netsuite Bronto - Deprecation

Oracle Netsuite has announced the end of life for NetSuite Bronto and the product will be deprecated on May 31, 2022. It is recommended that you migrate to a new marketing platform before then. At that time, TD will remove the integration and documents from our platform.

Google My Business Import Integration - API Deprecation

Google has announced it's preparing to launch a new set of APIs for its Business Profile APIs. In order to make this transition smooth, Treasure Data will replace the API with a new one. Contact Customer Support to use this integration.

Import Integrations Filters GA

Filters are powerful tools you can use to modify your data (or the structure of your data) during the import process. Treasure Data provides the following filter plugins for the S3, FTP, and SFTP integrations: Retain Columns, Add Columns, Drop Columns, Expand JSON, and Digest Filter. Import Integrations filters will be available for all users by mid-May.

Learn more about how to use import integrations filters.

Migration from Presto v317 to v350 

Presto upgrade to v350 is currently underway. Users will be notified of the scheduled date of the upgrade by Technical Support, but Treasure Data recommends upgrading as soon as possible. 

Learn more about Presto 350 Update and Migration Guide

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