Filters are available in the Create Source or Edit Source import settings for your S3, FTP, or SFTP connectors.

Import Integration Filters enable you to modify your imported data after you have completed Editing Data Settings for your import.

To apply import integration filters:

1. Select Next in Data Settings.

The Filters dialog opens.

2. Select the filter option you want to add.

3. Select Add Filter.

The parameter dialog for that filter opens.

4. Edit the parameters.

For information on each filter type, see one of the following:
Retaining Columns Filter
Adding Columns Filter
Dropping Columns Filter
Expanding JSON Filter
Digesting Filter

5. Optionally, to add another filter of the same type, select Add within the specific column filter dialog.
6. Optionally, to add another filter of a different type, select the filter option from the list and repeat the same steps.
7. After you have added the filters you want, select Next.
The Data Preview dialog opens.

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