The editor offers several additional features, including command palette shortcuts, highlight and select functionality, find and replace, autocomplete suggestions, as well as code block folding options. 

Command Palette

In the query editor, you have the option to Export Results to various analytics tools. You can also see the history of the query under Run History. Additionally, you can view all the available features and shortcuts are available in the Command Palette that you can get either from a context menu or by pressing F1. You can see a few examples below. 

Highlight word selections

You can highlight and select all occurrences of a word using Ctrl/Cmd+D.

Find and replace

You can find and replace key terms in your queries. 

Autocomplete suggestions

In the editor modal, you can view autocomplete suggestions for workflow operators as well as SQL keywords, types, functions, and Treasure Data-specific functions

Code block folding

You can collapse the display of a block of code. 

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