The Add Columns filter enables you to duplicate a column or even create a new column with a static value. It can also copy an existing column and rename it to a new value. For example, you want to add a column named source with a value of “12345” to all rows that come from the job you’ve set up for your Facebook Ad with the ID of 12345. The Add Columns Filter can do this.

In the Integrations Hub, select a source and then select Next to navigate to the Filters options.

To apply the Add Columns filter:

  1. Select Add Columns.

  2. Select Add Filter.

  3. Select Add.

The Add Columns dialog opens.

Edit the parameters.



Column name (required)

Name of the column to add.

Source column (required)

Source column to copy data from.

Default value

Value to apply if the column value is null.

Data type

The data type of the column values.

Supported types:

  • string

  • double

  • long

  • timestamp

  • JSON

Optionally, do one of the following:

  • If you are finished with Filters, select Next.

  • If you want to add another filter, select Add and repeat the steps.

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