This article supports Audience Studio - Legacy.

After you create segments, you can activate (export) the segment data to external tools for activities such as marketing campaigns, business analysis, and social media . Targets include Email Marketing Systems, Marketing Automation Systems, Advertising Platforms, CRM, ERP, Cloud Services, and SFTP. The Activation view makes it easier to send customer or account segments to those target systems.

  1. Navigate to Audience Studio > Segments.

  2. Select a segment, or create a new segment.

  3. Select Activations.

  4. Select Create, if necessary. Otherwise, select the activation to edit.

  5. Select Details and define the fields for the activation.

  6. Select Output Mapping to use Column Mapping or String Builder.

    1. Column Mapping– Column mapping allows you to rename specific columns for the external target. When the default option, Export All Columns is selected, all columns from the segment will be activated. If you unselect this option, only the newly mapped columns are activated.

    2. String Builder–Allows you to activate out a column that doesn’t exist in the Master Segment. See how to use string builder.

  7. Select Schedule to create an activation schedule and set email notifications.

    1. The default is None. If you want to create a schedule, select the schedule frequency (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly), the time, and the timezone.

    2. You can also configure email notifications in this dialog. To set email notifications:

      1. Select multiple recipients (up to 20) from the Email Notifications to the drop-down menu. Begin typing in the recipients' names to find it.

        • When you copy an activation, the email notification list and settings will copy over also. You need to update email notifications accordingly.

        • When a user in a configured recipients list is removed from an account, you need to update the email notification setting. Otherwise, the system continues to send notifications to them.

      2. Select Success or Failure to receive notifications upon one or both of the statuses.

        • The system currently sends notifications to Master Segment Owners when activations fail, but this configuration is different from the failure notification set in this dialog. If you explicitly select Failure notifications for the activation, the system sends the default system email to the Master Segment creator, and a second one to the recipients you explicitly selected for the activation.

  8. Select Create & Run Now. Your data is moved to the target according to the schedule defined for the segment. If None, the data is moved immediately.

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