You can find more information about each command that you can use in TD Toolbelt by reading the man pages.

Running td help:all shows the commands available in Treasure Data:

$ td help:all

  database:list             # Show list of tables in a database
  database:show <db>        # Describe a information of a database
  database:create <db>      # Create a database
  database:delete <db>      # Delete a database


If you want more information about individual commands, you can run td help <command>:<subcommand>:

$ td help table:list
  $ td table:list [db]

  $ td table:list
  $ td table:list example_db
  $ td tables

  Show list of tables

  -n, --num_threads VAL            number of threads to get list in parallel
      --show-bytes                 show estimated table size in bytes

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