You can access Presto using the following:

  • TD Console

  • Presto JDBC/ODBC Driver

  • TD Toolbelt


  • Data Tank with Presto

TD Console

  1. Open the TD Console.

  2. Open the Data Workbench.

  3. Select Queries.

  1. In the Filters section, select the query type of presto.

Check Progress

After you run your query, you can check its progress, peak memory usage, and so on.

Presto Gateway

The Presto gateway resides at You can use the TD toolbelt and drivers to connect to Treasure Data and issue queries.

TD Toolbelt

You can use the Toolbelt command-line (CLI) client to issue queries. Treasure Data supports v0.10.99 and above.

  1. Ensure that TD Toolbelt is installed.

  2. Using the CLI, submit the following code.

$ td query -w -T presto -d testdb \
  "SELECT code, COUNT(1) 
   FROM www_access GROUP BY code"


To access Presto via REST API, you need an endpoint.


Data Tank with Presto

Learn about the Presto query processing flow that joins data from a TD table with data from a Data Tank table.

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