As organizations gather information from multiple data sources and store it in various databases and tables, they face some data governance challenges regarding which users can access data. For example, a table might contain customer information that is considered sensitive information (such as racial and ethnicity) or personal identifiable information (such as a social security number or passport number), which should not be shared with all users or should receive special attention.

Schema annotation allows customers to add metadata to columns to further identify different types of business and customer data. You can add metadata in the form of Identity Type, which you can then use in your queries to narrow the results of the data you are trying to access. Additionally, adding metadata in the form of Description provides additional information or usage notes for that type of data.  

In the following schema annotation, you can see that passport_number and ethnicity have Identity Types.

After you tag information in your tables with your specific criteria, administrators can then create access control profiles using tags that will allow or prevent different individuals from accessing the data.

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