As part of Treasure Data's Trusted Foundation, Treasure Data provides security management using policies and permissions.

About Policies

The policy feature increases your level of control and security and makes it easier to manage user access to features and data.

The Policies feature is available only to accounts that have purchased the feature. Contact your Treasure Data representative to obtain Treasure Data's Policies feature.

You grant users access rights through the use of policies. Policies can be used to define permissions to control access and capabilities that are available to other TD users. Policies combine permissions together so you can configure multiple policies and assign one or more policies to one or more users.

About Permissions

Treasure Data supports permissions set at the policy level. You must purchase the Policies feature to set permissions per policy.

Permissions enable users to:

  • perform an operation, such as table modification or segment activation

  • act upon a specified entity, such as a database, or segment

Account owners and administrators define and control the TD policies and permissions.

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