There are two basic options for exporting data out of Treasure Data.

  • Using a data connection

  • Downloading a CSV or TSV file

Using a Data Connection

You can export your query results to an external tool by selecting Export Results on the query page or creating an activation in Audience Studio. In either case, data connections are used to export query results out from Treasure Data to the target destination, so you must create and configure the integration to be used during export, prior to running your query.

Export Results is used to push Treasure Data’s query results into other systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, RedShift, Google Spread Sheet, and FTP. By using this feature, you can integrate Treasure Data with your existing system instantly. Export Results allow you to send the results of a query to a destination.

Queries are used to select your data for export. Establish your query, make sure the Export Results checkbox is selected, save, and run your query. For ongoing management of the export results, use the jobs area of the TD Console.

You can also see configured Export Results from the Queries page. Click on a query that has an object in the Destination column and you can access Export Results as shown in the following.

Downloading a CSV or TSV File

Downloading your query or segment results to a CSV or TSV file can easily be done through the query editor using the Download button or can be done by copying the SQL query from the Rule Builder in Segments and pasting it into the query editor.

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