Treasure Data's Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to combine the following types of data into one place:

  • 1st party data: Data your organization owns, such as POS and ERP data, weblogs, and social data.
  • 2nd and 3rd party data: Demographic information, weather, occupation, income, and so on.

Being able to ingest your company and channel data into a unified place allows you to intimately understand customer journeys through the customer lifecycle and provide targeted campaigns while maintaining the best experience for your customers. However, with all of this data combined into various databases, how do you control access? A database might include private customer data, financial information, and common information that different types of users need to access.

Treasure Data addresses these problems with the following capabilities.

CapabilityDescriptionMore Information
Centralized access controlAn administrator creates policies that define databases access and then assign users to policies.  Setting Policy-based Database Permissions in TD Console
Sharing database accessThe database owner determines the users and their access to the database the user owns.

Setting Database Permissions (Legacy)

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