The Preview feature shows a subset of possible data that the data connector fetches from the source. The Preview feature is part of the integration configuration interface.

Preview applies to source integrations only. For certain source integrations, Treasure Data must first guess the data schema because the data is not predefined (for example, in Amazon S3 and SFTP data connectors).

Preview Data is Not Source Data

Preview data is different from the actual ingestion and therefore doesn’t represent the final data ingested. Previewing data is just a way to see what the data will look like. In order to get the data back in a reasonable time, the preview data might not follow the exact parameters that you specified.

No Records to Preview

You might encounter situations in which there are no records to preview:

  • There is no data to preview for the data criteria specified

  • The API takes too long and times out and Treasure Data can’t fetch the preview data

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