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Amplitude Import Integration

Import Amplitude data into Treasure Data.

Amplitude Export Integration

Create Amplitude Events from the data you store in Treasure Data.

AppAnnie Import Integration

Import AppAnnie data source objects into Treasure Data.

Apptopia Import Integration

Import Apptopia Data Source objects into Treasure Data.

Dynalyst Import and Export Integration

Import data in CSV, TSV or JSON format and export to Dynalyst in CSV format.

Dynalyst Export Integration

Export directly to Dynalyst.

Dynalyst Import Integration

Import data from your JSON, TSV, and CSV files stored in your S3 buckets into Treasure Data's customer data platform.

Google Analytics Import Integration

Import of your Google Analytics reports.

Google Search Analytics Import Integration

Import Google Search Analytics data into Treasure Data.

Mixpanel Import Integration

Back up the event data in Mixpanel on Treasure Data.

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