Twitter Audience Insights enables you to collect quantitative data on Twitter audiences. You can import your insight data into Treasure Data for integration with your other data resources on the Treasure Data platform.

This topic includes:


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data, including the TD Toolbelt.

  • A Twitter Ads Account or an account with Ads Manager role.

  • Authorized Treasure Data Twitter app access to your Twitter Ads Account

Create a New Connection

Go to the Catalog. Locate and select Twitter Audience Insights.

The dialog opens.

Select an existing OAuth connection for Twitter, or click the link under OAuth connection to create a new connection.

Create a New OAuth Connection

Log into your Twitter account in a browser:

Grant access to the Treasure Data app.

Go back to Treasure Data Connections. Repeat the first step (Create a new connection) and choose your new OAuth connection.

Provide a name for your newly created connection and Save.

Configure to Start Transfer of Data

In the My Connections tab, look for the connection you created. Select the connector and click New Transfer to start a transfer.

Complete the connector parameters information:

  • Ad Account ID (required): This is your Twitter Ads Account ID. See Appendix A for information about retrieving an account id.

  • Audience Type (required): Name of Audience Type that you are retrieving data from.

  • Audience Values: The ID or name of the specific audience group/sub-set. For example, when the Audience Type is Twitter Ads Campaign, the value is the individual campaign's name or ID.

  • Interaction Type: The interaction type for the specific audience group/sub-set. Depends on audience type and accepts Conversion, Engagement, and Impression

The following table lists supported values for the Audience Type, Audience Values, and Interaction Type

Audience Type

Audience Values

Interaction Type



Impression, Conversion or Engagement


Individual ID or name of the campaign. A blank value retrieves all campaigns data

Impression, Conversion or Engagement


Individual ID or name of the organic group

Impression, Conversion or Engagement


Individual ID or name of the mobile application

Refer to the Twitter Ads Documentation

Here is a sample configuration:

Review the Data

Click Next, to see a sample set of data for preview.

The data contains several columns for the desired Audience Insights. Appendix B provides a brief description of what they are.

Import Data into Treasure Data

If the preview data is acceptable, go to the Next. If you want to make changes to the import details. Select Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings contains some options to control the retrying mechanism for getting data from Twitter API. These values are best kept at their default values and tuned only when there is issue with network connections.

  • Retry Limit (optional, default 3): Number of retries before the connector stops trying to connect.

  • Retry Initial wait in Milliseconds (optional, default 10000): Interval to retry if a recoverable error occurs (in millisecond).

  • Retry Max wait in Milliseconds (optional, default to 300000): Maximum time in milliseconds between retry attempts.

Click Next to import the data into your target database and table as shown in the following dialog:

Specify the schedule of the data transfer using the following dialog and click Start Transfer:

You will see the new data transfer in progress listed under the My Input Transfers tab and a corresponding job will be listed in the Jobs section.


Twitter Ads Account Information

Access to an Ads Account is the pre-requisite to retrieve data for Audience Insights. The account ID can be retrieved from the Account Settings Page.

or from your Ads Insights URL.

Example :

Imported Data and Their Columns

Some information about the columns of the Insights record:

Column Name




The Unix timestamp of the importing event

Created by importing job audience_type


The Audience Type, value of ALL_ON_TWITTER, CAMPAIGN, APP or ORGANIC

Defined in Twitter Audience Insights specification audience_id


The ID of the specific sub type/ sub-grouping of the Audience Type

The internal Twitter ID for the specific type. May not be visible on the Dashboard


The name of the specific sub type/sub-grouping of the Audience Type (if available)

The name appears on Twitter Ads Dashboard


The type of the interaction for this Audience Insights, can be IMPRESSION, ENGAGEMENT or CONVERSION

The default is IMPRESSION


Information about the home values of the audience, divided into segments

Includes all data from Twitter


Marriage information about the audience

As provided on Twitter

  • Several more data columns contain information about the audience. Each column is a data summary for each category on the Twitter Ads Dashboard.

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