Using Tableau Desktop with Treasure Data enables you to interactively explore huge amounts of data. You can also use Treasure Data as a place to integrate and store all your data.

Make the Connection

Start Tableau. Click Connect > Presto.

For a complete list of data connections, click To a Server > More.

Then complete the following steps:

  1. Enter Presto JDBC/ODBC Gateway server:

  2. Enter the port: 443

  3. Enter the catalog name; td-presto

  4. Select the Authentication method: Username

  5. Enter the Username: Use your master APIKEY (Ref. Get APIKEY)

  6. Select the Require SSL check box.

  7. Select Sign In.

If Tableau cannot complete the connection, verify that your credentials are correct.

Connect to TD Presto Endpoint

Select More on the left menu. Choose Presto and enter the connection information. Select Sign In.

Enter a Schema (database name) and Table (table name) to import data from a table, or to write SQL that imports data from multiple tables. Select Update Now to see the data in the Tableau window.

Confirm Import in Treasure Data

In Treasure Data, create a query to track the events coming in from Tableau Desktop. It usually takes 3-5 minutes before events appear in the TD Console.

Tips and Tricks

Convert Time Field as Datetime Type

Treasure Data treats the time column as a UNIX timestamp by default, however, it’s really convenient to handle timestamp with Datetime type in Tableau. The following example describes how to create the calculated Datetime field for the “time” column.

Select Create Calculated Field.

Then, enter the name and enter the following function within Formula section.

sql RAWSQL_DATETIME("from_unixtime(%1)", [time])

Next, the calculated field appears in a list of Dimensions, with a Datetime type.

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