Treasure Data offers an improved experience for when you create and edit data connectors.

The changes pertain to only import data connectors, not export.

When you create data connectors in TD Console, you define Authentications and then specify Sources. Most improvements are in the Sources.


You complete your Authentication in one dialog instead of two. You no longer need to select Continue to complete your Authentication configuration.


In Sources, select on a data connector icon to view the new interface. After you create a data connector and save it, you can see the changed interface as a saved object under Sources.

In the following image, you can see the current interface followed by the previous interface.

Jump between Configuration Panes

With data connectors that you already configured and saved, you can jump between sections, for example, jump from step 1 to step 5 and back to step 1. You no longer are required to move through the saved data connector panes in sequence. 

Apply Advanced Settings before Previewing the Data

The Advanced Settings are no longer hidden. On the Data Settings page, you can apply advanced settings before previewing the data.

Skip Data Preview

Data preview is optional. You can skip the data preview step. By skipping preview you save edit time (for example, changing data transfer name or storage location). You not needing wait for the preview to generate.

Filter and Search Table Columns and Easy to Identify Data Type Edits

In the previous interface, the database and table were automatically selected when a new data transfer was defined.

Previous Interface

In the current interface, the following editing rules and capabilities are in place for the schema table:

  • Search and can filter columns and data types

  • See changes to the data schema, flagged as “edited” 

  • You can see the default value, guess settings from Embulk, for an edited column name or type

Current Interface

Storing your Data in Treasure Data with Less Possibility of Error

The current interface provides controls that reduce the likelihood of mistakes when you are specifying databases and tables:

  • Schema settings are not overwritten with default guess settings when a data transfer is edited

  • You no longer risk accidental overwrite of existing data tables. You must manually select a database and table. This is particularly useful when you already have a similar, existing data transfer and want the specified location for the imported data to be different.

  • You cannot delete a column within the schema table unless it’s allowed by connector 

  • Creating a database and table is easier with help text provided

Create Without Immediately Running 

You can save any newly created data transfers without executing a job. You can select Save and select Save & Run independently of each other.

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