Slemma is a web-based solution for data-exploration and reporting that operates on top of your database.


  • Slemma account

  • Treasure Data account with Presto Plan

  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data

Create Integration

Go to Integrations Hub > Catalog. Search and select Treasure Data.

Edit the Endpoint, Database Name, and API key, which is your destination Treasure Data endpoint and Master API key.

Select Check Connection to verify the connection.

Select Connect to finish setting it. You can select the type of dataset you want to create based on this integration.

The Treasure Data integration item is visible. For example:

Create Datasets

Visit the Dataset menu, and select an integration item you created.

Select from one of two options for extracting data from Treasure Data:

  • Write SQL query

  • Choose a Table or View

After choosing an extraction option, you can see a preview of the data.

Build a Chart

Select any dataset and choose Create chart or Create dashboard options.

See more detail at Slemma.

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