Using QlikView® and Qlik Sense® with Treasure Data allows users to interactively explore large amounts of data, and also share the knowledge across your organization.


  • Windows 7, 8.1, or later

  • QlikView v11 or later

  • Qlik Sense Desktop v11 or later

Install ODBC Driver

Install the Treasure Data ODBC Driver, and register it to your machine. We’ll assume you have DSN (Data Source Name) as Treasure Data Presto in the following sections.


Establish ODBC Connection

Launch QlikView, goto File and select Edit Script.

Select Data tab, select ODBC and click Connect.

Edit your Treasure Data API key in only User ID, then select appropriate Data Source you have set up. Click OK, and make sure it shows Connection Test Succeeded.


  • Password: blank

Go to the previous screen, and check if ODBC connection string exists in the script.

Select Database and Owner, and choose the name of the database on Treasure Data. Make sure to select the same names for both Database and Owner. Then, select the name of the table you want to load. Select Preceding Load and click Add.

Click the Reload icon. The data gets populated.

Qlik Sense

Establish ODBC Connection

Launch Qlik Sense, go to Add data from files and other sources.

Select ODBC icon, and select System DSN and choose Treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN.

Edit your TD API KEY in Username, and then click Create.

  • Usename: YOUR_TD_APIKEY

  • Password: blank

Select Owner, and select the name of the table you want to load.

Click on column checkboxes you want to use, and click Add data.

Choose columns in the Fields icon. The data gets populated.

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