You can run queries in Mode Analytics and send reports generated from the queries to Treasure Data.


  • Mode Analytics account

  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data

  • Requires access to the new Presto-specific JDBC/ODBC API, currently in Private Beta. Contact your account representative if you’d like access to this new feature.

Retrieve Treasure Data API Key

Retrieve the Treasure Data API key from the TD Console’s profile page. The key must be the API key type master.

Connect a Database

Connect to Treasure Data from Mode. Click your profile icon button on the menu, and click Connect a Database menu.

Then, select Database in the Cloud tab.

You’ll find Treasure Data Presto in the database list. Click Treasure Data Presto.

Set API key

After you retrieve the credential, enter the credential in the API Key field.

Create Reports

Now it’s time to create reports! In the editor, select the database connection you’ve created. Then, execute the SQL queries, and create reports from the queries.

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