You can stream huge amounts of data from your MQTT client into Treasure Data using the Treasure Data MQTT broker. Use the Treasure Data MQTT broker to drive your unified customer experience across the physical and digital world.

Contact your Treasure Data Customer Success representative for more information and enablement.

Certification from your Device Manager and a Pipeline with MQTT Broker

You can use your device manager to authenticate your end devices and then push data into Treasure Data using the certification of your MQTT client.

You can stream device activities into TD. You create a query that captures device activity.

The following image shows a device panel on the right and the query in Treasure Data that captures device activity:


  • Treasure Data Account

  • Devices from which you gather data

  • Device Management system such as Pelion Device Management

  • Access to the TD MQTT broker endpoint (contact us if you have an interest in IoT Platform)

Steps to Enablement

Complete the following steps.

Get your Treasure Data API Key

Retrieve your Write-Only API key from your profile in Treasure Data.

Obtain your TD MQTT Broker Endpoint

Treasure Data assigns an endpoint to your account. Read more about Treasure Data Endpoints.

Prepare your MQTT client to Talk to MQTT Broker

Obtain your certificate from your MQTT client and work with Treasure Data to use the certification to enable the Treasure Data MQTT Broker.

Enablement varies, depending on your MQTT Client. You work with your Treasure Data contact to enable your MQTT Client.

Create Your Query

You can create queries in Treasure Data to verify ingest and starting activating your data.

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