Treasure Data allows you to export data for ID resolution, anonymization, and data enhancement to LiveRamp. Treasure Data can now trigger LiveRamp activations with six activation partners.

After the segment has been created in Treasure Data and exported to LiveRamp, you have the option of exporting to six LiveRamp activation partners directly from Treasure Data. You can create a workflow in Treasure Data that will sync data in LiveRamp to other services in the TD Workflow UI. The connector requires a segment id you want to activate on LiveRamp side. These partner platforms include:

  • Beeswax

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • Google Display & Video 360 (DV360)

  • Facebook (US) Direct On-boarding

  • Facebook (US) Managed On-boarding

To participate in the release, contact us for more information.

This topic includes:


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data, including the TD Toolbelt

  • A LiveRamp API Key

  • Destination Account created in LiveRamp Connect UI

Using the TD Console to Create Your Connection

You can use Treasure Data Console to configure your connection.

Create a New Connection

  1. Open the TD Console.

  2. Navigate to Integrations Hub > Catalog.

  3. Search and select LiveRamp or one of the LiveRamp Distribution Connector.

  4. The New Authentication dialog appears. Provide the required credentials: 
    API Key: LiveRamp API Key

  5. Then select Continue and give your connection a name:

  6. Select Done.

Specify Output in Your LiveRamp Distribution Connector

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to the Data Workbench > Queries.

  3. Select New Query.

  4. Select the database for which you would like to export data.

  5. Type your query into the query editor.

  6. You need to define the column mapping in the query the same as recommended headers in LiveRamp

  7. Select Export Results located at top of your query editor.

  8. The Choose Integration dialog opens.  Select an existing LiveRamp connection. If you do not have an Integration already set up, see Creating a New Connection During Data Export.

  9. Specify the export details. Configure the connection by specifying the parameters.

  10. Select Done

Configure the Connection By Specifying the Parameters

After you select your LiveRamp partner connection, the following dialog displays:

Enter the input parameters as follows:

  • Destination Account ID: Account ID of destination LiveRamp account. Can be found in LiveRamp Connect URL. Account ID can not be blank. Example with the URL, the destination account ID is 1021066. 

  • Retry limit: When an error occurs due to a LiveRamp server error or network error, the number of retries attempted before aborting the upload (default: 7)

  • Connection timeout in seconds: the amount of time allotted for connecting to the LiveRamp API (default: 600) 

Column Name for the Query

The LiveRamp data connector understands and interprets only the following columns and data types. You must modify alias column names to match with the following specified columns:

Column name







if both segment_id and segment_name are specified, the segment_id will be used.







 You must include either segment_id or segment_name/segment_value column in the Query otherwise your jobs will fail.

Example Queries to Populate LiveRamp

From Treasure Data query editor, run the following query with export results into a connection for LiveRamp Distribution

The following example query to distribute all segments to destination LiveRamp account by segment_id

 column_id AS segment_id

Similar query by segment_name and segment_value

 column_name AS segment_name,
 column_value AS segment_value

Optional: Use of Scheduled Jobs for Output

You can use scheduled jobs with Result Output but not recommended because when a segment was already active the job returns an error. 

Optional: Configure Export Results in Workflow

Within Treasure Workflow, you can specify the use of this data connector to output data.

timezone: UTC

    database: sample_datasets

  td>: queries/sample.sql
  result_connection: your_connection_name
    account_id: account_id
    retry_limit: 3
    timeout: 600

 Read more information about using data connectors in the workflow to export data.

Use the CLI to Create Your Connection

Install ‘td’ command

Install the Treasure Data Toolbelt.

For On-demand Jobs

Add the LiveRamp result output destination by using the 

  • r/--result option for the td query command:

$ td query -d mydb -w 'SELECT id as segment_id FROM source_table' --type presto -r '{"type":"liveramp_to_twitter_distribution", "api_key":"dummy_api_key", "account_id":123, "retry_limit":3, "timeout":600}'

The supported types:


For Scheduled Jobs

Add the LiveRamp result output destination by using the 

  • r/ --result option for the td sched:create command:

$ td sched:create every_3_days "0 0 */3 * *"-d mydb -w 'SELECT id as segment_id FROM source_table' --type presto -r '{"type":"liveramp_to_twitter_distribution", "api_key":"dummy_api_key", "account_id":123, "retry_limit":3, "timeout":600}'
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