You can use Treasure Data JDBC with Informatica Cloud through the Informatica’s Secure Agent. You can set up a ‘Data Synchronization’ task that pulls records from a Treasure Data table into a target destination of your choice.

Create the Informatica Cloud Account

Create an Informatica Cloud account here.

Set up Informatica Cloud Secure Agent

Second, set up the Secure Agent on your computer.

Refer to the following documentation.

Set up the Treasure Data JDBC Connection

Third, install and configure the Treasure Data’s JDBC driver in Informatica Cloud. Refer to:

Download JDBC Driver

Download Treasure Data’s JDBC Driver.

Set up JDBC Driver

  1. Navigate to Configuration -> Connectors

  2. Select New

  3. Configure the fields as follows

  • Type: JDBC

  • Username: Your account email

  • Password: Your account password

  • Connection URL: jdbc:td://< YOUR_DATABASE_NAME >;useSSL=true;type=presto

  • Schema: “public”

  • JdbcDriver: com.treasuredata.jdbc.TreasureDataDriver

  • JdbcDriverFolder: /path/to/download/directory/

Add a Synchronization Task

Finally, create a data synchronization task using Treasure Data.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Data Synchronization

  2. Create a new Task.

  3. Type the Task Name and Operation fields.

  4. Select Next.


Establish a connection so that Informatica Cloud can extract data from Treasure Data. You are setting up Treasure Data as a ‘Source’ through our JDBC driver.

Select the connection established in the previous steps. Then Informatica Cloud shows a list of tables under your database as ‘Source’ objects.

After you select the table name, Informatica Cloud shows a Data Preview, which shows a few records from the target table.


Next, set up a target for the data synchronization. You can choose any of the supported connections.

Because the Treasure Data JDBC driver does not support INSERT statements, you cannot use INSERT statements to write data into Treasure Data. INSERT statements cannot be used as a 'Target' of a 'Data Synchronization' task/schedule. This functionality is not supported.

Data Filters

In the ‘Data Filters’ phase, you can specify how many records you want to process.

Also, data can be filtered by specifying filter conditions through the Web UI.

Field Mapping

Finally, specify the ‘Field Mapping’ between Treasure Data and the target.


If you want the selected Treasure Data table to synchronize periodically, specify a schedule in the Schedule tab.

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