This article explains how to use Treasure Data with IBM SPSS Modeler using Presto ODBC driver. By combining Treasure Data with IBM SPSS Modeler, you can have integration to Treasure Data Database.

Download IBM SPSS Modeler

Download IBM SPSS Modeler from the following link. IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription Version 1.0 was tested for this article. After you installed IBM SPSS Modeler, the screen looks like the following

Download Presto ODBC Driver

Download TreasureDataPrestoODBC.msi from the following link. Note that this driver works with Windows machine only.

Configure Presto ODBC Driver

After you install the ODBC Driver, open ‘ODBC Data Source Administrator (64-bit)’. Now you see the window screen like the following.

Choose 'Treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN' and select Configure.

Now you should see the screen similar to the following image:

Configure the setting as follows. Select Test. If successful, select OK

Configure IBM SPSS Modelar Database

While still within IBM SPSS Modeler, you configure the connection.

Database Connections Setting

Now you have to configure Database on IBM SPSS Modelar side. Go to Tools > Databases. Now you see a configuration screen which looks like the following.

For Data Source, choose 'Treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN'. Then provide your API key into User name column. Make sure to use TD master API key, otherwise, it causes an error when running queries.

Database Setting

Now you have the connection to Treasure Data throughout the ODBC source set in the previous step. Select to add a new Database, and choose Data source as '[your api key]@treasure Data Presto ODBC DSN' as follows:

Querying the Connected Database 

You are ready to query the database. Note that you can specify the table as follows.

[database name].[tablename]

If the preview is as you expect, then querying the database is successfully done.

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