Treasure Data can send user list data to DAC AudienceOne. You can make a user list in Treasure Data that targets a segment and then send the list to AudienceOne to use in your advertisement campaigns. Refer to AudienceOne webpage.


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data

  • An AudienceOne account

Required access information from AudienceOne

Treasure Data and AudienceOne have collaborated to ensure a secure data exchange. You must request access to the AudienceOne account on behalf of Treasure Data. Ask your AudienceOne account administrator for the following information:

  • API Key

  • Database name

  • Table name


To export data, you create or select an existing connection, create or reuse a query, and then run the query to export your user lists. You can use td_global_id lists as user lists.

Create or reuse a query

  • Go to Query Editor. You can pick the query language and write your query.

  • Select your database and table.

  • Access the query that you plan to use to export data.

Query output should include following columns:

  • time: unix timestamp of data transferred.

  • crm_category_name: Name of the segment that is shown in the AudienceOne console.

  • crm_value: Id of the segment.

  • customer_id: td_global_id.

Create or Select an Existing AudienceOne Connection


Task Steps


Create a connector

- Go to Connections.
- Select the AudienceOne icon from Sources Catalog.
- Complete the required fields on the first pane.
- In the API Key field, enter the API Key you get from AudienceOne.

Next you complete the Configuration fields.

You don't have to modify Endpoint field.

Select a connector

- Go to TD Console.
- Go to Query Editor.
- Access the query that you plan to use to export data.
- Select Output results. The Choose Saved Connection dialog opens.
- Type the connection name in the search box to filter and select the connection that you want.

Next, you complete the Configuration fields.

You can also create a new connection from here by selecting Create New Connection.

Creating a new connection:

Selecting an existing connection:

Configure the Connection by Specifying the Parameters

After you select your AudienceOne connection, the Configuration dialog pane appears:

Execute the query

Either save the query with a name and then run the query or just run the query. When the query completes successfully, the result is automatically processed.

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