AppsFlyer provides for mobile advertising attribution and analytics, that helps marketers perform granular tracking, measurement, analytics, optimize ad spend, and boost their ROI.

You can use Treasure Data’s postback solution to capture events.

If you use AppsFlyer to manage your mobile advertising campaigns, you can leverage the AppsFlyer to Treasure Data postback integration to import your mobile data into Treasure Data. Every time postback events occur, a notification is sent to AppsFlyer, and then to Treasure Data. Treasure Data stores all historical raw events for your analysis at your convenience.

AppsFlyer tracks in-app events like clicks, sessions, and install using its own SDK. It also allows you to track custom events. These events can be forwarded from AppsFlyer to Treasure Data by setting up postbacks.

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Postback Setup via Appsflyer’s Push API

To set up postback to TD you can use the Appsflyer’s Push API.

  1. Obtain your TD API Write Key

  2. Follow the steps described AppsFlyer Push API on the Setup tab.

  3. In the Push API setting box, define the Postback URLs following the following syntax:

    • where:

      • database_name: Treasure Data Database name where you would like to send your data.

      • table_name:Treasure Data Table name where you would like to send your data.

      • TD_API_WRITE_KEY: your Treasure Data write key.

    • HTTP Method

      • select POST

  5. Select Send Test to confirm that data can be sent to TD.

  6. In Treasure Data, create a query to track the events coming in from AppsFlyer.
    It usually takes 3-5 minutes before it appears in the TD Console.

  7. After confirmation that data is coming into Treasure Data, select Save.

  8. Make sure that the Activate Partner setting is turned on in the AppsFlyer application. For more information, see Partner Dashboard.

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