Treasure Data provides an extension for Adobe Launch. Adobe Launch is a tag management solution. The extension enables brands to extend their tracking of user actions and build comprehensive customer profiles by using the Treasure Data Tracking Pixel extension.

The Treasure Data Tracking Pixel extension for Adobe Launch provides an easy way to insert and configure a tracking pixel.

Capabilities in Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch opens up Adobe’s data management platform and allows Adobe customers to connect their Adobe Experience Cloud products to advertising and marketing technology from Treasure Data. When Adobe and Treasure Data are used together, you get a complete customer profile that enables you to create a personalized experience based on the individual, not based on anonymous segments.

Adobe Launch allows you to build and maintain your own integrations with Launch, called Extensions. These extensions are available in an app-store, so you can quickly install, configure, deploy, and use your integrations.

Configuring in the Adobe Environment

To use the Treasure Data extension, complete the following steps in your Adobe environment:

  1. From within Adobe Experience Cloud, launch Infield Digital.

  2. If necessary, install the Adobe Launch Extensions.

  3. Select Treasure Data - Tracking Pixel.

  4. Select Configure.

  5. Insert your Treasure Data API Write Key (see Get the API Key) and save your changes.

  6. From the Rules menu, you can configure the trigger that fires the tracking pixel and your tracking elements.

  7. Specify a database and table.

  8. If necessary, add a custom key-value pair.

    You can take advantage of Adobe Launch Data Elements. For example, you can dynamically add values from your custom data layer or from other Adobe Launch Extensions and add those as tracking elements.

  9. Select the database icon next to the Value field to open up the Selector.

  10. Pick the Data Element of your choice and proceed with the additional configuration.

  11. Check the boxes for additional configuration.

This increases the capabilities of Treasure Data’s Tracking Pixel extension and can help get you to a robust 360° customer view.

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