Workflow Notifications

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Below we’ll discuss how to set up different types of notification in your workflow.

We’ll go through the following notification use cases:

  • Get notified when your workflow fails
  • Get notified when your workflow succeeds
  • Get notified when your workflow takes longer than expected


Workflow Failure Notification

To get an email notification when any part of your workflow fails while running on Treasure Data, add the following at the top of your workflow file.

  mail>: body.txt
  subject: this workflow failed
  to: []

Workflow Success Notification

To get an email every time your workflow succeeds, simply can add a final task that sends an email upon success.

  mail>: body.txt
  subject: workflow succeeded!
  to: []


Long Running Workflow Notification

To get notified if you workflow hasn’t completed by a certain time of day, add the following at the top of your workflow file.

  # triggers this task at 02:00
  time: 09:00
    mail>: ...

Typically, this is used in coordination with a scheduled time. As such, if your workflow starts at 7am, you may want to get notified if it hasn’t completed by 9am.

The time zone should be set separately by adding timezone: UTC at the top of the workflow as well.

In the future we will add functionality to allow the SLA time to be set as number of minutes or hours after the scheduled start time. If you agree with this approach, or would prefer another, please let us know on the related idea.


If you have any feedback we welcome hearing your thoughts on our TD Workflows ideas forum.

Also, if you have any ideas or feedback on the tutorial itself, we’d welcome them here!

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