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Experimental Functionality

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Experimental Functionality in Development

There is a fair amount of experimental functionality that we are currently working on, and available for private beta users interested in helping to shape the future functionality of Treasure Workflows.

Some of these features include:

  • Setting of a workflow based on the unschedule arrival of data to a particular source
  • Testing frameworks for helping to build and managing changing workflows over time
  • Collecting meta-data regarding aspects of your workflow
  • Ability to run processing scripts in workflows such as Python, Ruby, Shell Commands, Embulk, Redshift, and more

This functionality, and more, is available to learn about at This is DigDag’s documentation website for the open sourced foundation that Treasure Workflows is based on.

The digdag program you have is capable of running the full set of experimental functionality on your local machine. But, it is important that much of this experimental functionality does not work if you submit that workflow to Treasure Data – Treasure Workflows.


If you have any feedback we welcome hearing your thoughts on our Treasure Workflows ideas forum.

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