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Treasure Workflow UI – General Availability

We’re excited to announce the upcoming General Availability (GA) of our new Treasure Workflow User Interface(UI)!

For those of you that don’t know, Treasure Workflow allow users to build repeatable data processing pipelines on Treasure Data. You can schedule and manage complex tasks, automatically run, and monitor your job flows.

With this new Workflow UI, you can now create & manage your workflows entirely from the Treasure Data console. Manage complex flows of Input Data Transfers, Data Cleanup, & ID Unifications in workflows built & managed entirely from a web – including processing that happens both on or off Treasure Data.

Edit Workflows from the Web

View & Debug Past Workflow Runs

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Workflow GA Schedule

General Availability of Workflow will occur in two phases

Phase 1: For Current Workflow Users, on March 1st

This phase is for all accounts currently actively using Treasure Workflow.

During this phase, these accounts will be given access to the new Workflow UI as the default experience, from the “Workflow” tab at, as seen below:

New Workflow UI

We will continue to support the old UI at until the Phase 2 release.

Phase 2: For All Customers, on 1st week of April (delayed from March 27th)

During this phase, The Workflow tab in the console will be turned on for all Treasure Data accounts.

Prior to this phase, we will release user access control for the new UI. With this new feature, administrators will be able to select the following access control option for each user in their account:

  • Full Access
  • View & Run
  • View Only

We will leave on for 2 additional weeks, and then start redirecting users to the new UI in late April.

If you’d like access sooner, please request your representative and the new Workflow UI can be turned on for your account at any time.

Opt-out of Phase 1

Any accounts that would like to opt-out of Phase 1, can choose to do so. Please make the request to, and we will make sure to leave the old console on until March 27th.

On March 27th we will convert all remaining accounts to the new UI. You may also request to get converted sooner by contacting support, if you wish.


What functionality can I expect in the new Workflow UI?

You can learn more about the functionality of the new User Interface, in our Workflow UI Quickstart Guide.

I primarily use the TD command line td workflow commands to manage my workflows. Will I notice any changes with this experience?

No, this change only impacts the UI experience for managing Treasure Workflow. It does not impact any CLI-based functionality, nor our core backend system.

I’m currently using to manage my deployed workflows. Will I still have access to this site after this release?

Temporarily. We will keep on the, soon to be deprecated, for at least 4 weeks after we release GA. After this time, access to this site will be removed.

Please be certain, that we will ensure that all current functionality is also available in the new Workflow UI as well.

I participated in the Private Access phase of the new Workflow UI. I provided some feedback that hasn’t been incorporated yet. Will you be making my change?

First of all, thank you to all our participants in our Private Access phase of our development! Your feedback & contributions was invaluable, and we utilized much of it to drive improvements up to this point.

We will be continuing to make improvements after General Availability as well. If you have feedback, please contact us at, and the Product team will consider for the future.

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