How to feedback your request to Treasure Data!

This article describes how to feedback your requests or comments on Treasure Data services to our product team directly.

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How to register your feedbacks to Treasure Data

Step 1: Visit our customer feedback portal

Step 2: Sign up with your name and e-mail information

Click the right-up side sign-in link and input e-mail information. If you are the first user, you can see input form for your name. Please input your name and click sign-up button. Only your name will be public.

For returning users, entering e-mail and clicking sign-in button is sign-in step.

Step 3: Register your feedback

You can register your feedback title in the “Enter your idea” box. Similar feedback topics already in the system will be listed. Please check first if your idea is already registered by other users. If you find similar ideas or topics, please vote on them or add a comment.

If your idea is new, please click “Post a new idea…” button and describe details on the “Describe your idea…” box.

How to vote and comment on other users' feedbacks

You can see all feedback topics from other users in our customer feedback portal. Please vote on those feedback topics by clicking the ‘vote’ button if you agree to the feedback.

Any comments on the feedback topics from you are very valuable for us.

Last modified: Sep 08 2015 20:58:01 UTC

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