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Raw-Data Access to TUNE Events

TUNE is the leading enterprise platform providing measurement to mobile marketers and their partners.

TUNE tracks basic in-app events like clicks / sessions / install by its own SDK, and also you can track your custom events. These events can be forwarded from TUNE to Treasure Data by simply setting up postbacks.

Everytime these events occur in Mobile, it will be notified to TUNE, and then Treasure Data. Treasure Data stores all historical raw events, and allows you to analyze via SQL.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Access to TUNE’s Attribution Analytics console

First, access to TUNE’s Attribution Analytics console and select ‘Integration Partners’ on left side menu, then search ‘Treasure Data’ and click it.

Step 2: Go to ‘Add Postback URL’ page

Next, go to ‘Add Postback URL’ page by (1)select ‘Postbacks’, (2)select ‘Custom’ then (3)click ‘Add Postback URL’.

Step 3: Set parameters for Treasure Data

  • (1) Postback Name: Set some unique postback name you create.
  • (2) Partner Type: Select ‘Technology Partner’.
  • (3) Confirm that ‘Treasure Data’ is selected for the template.
  • (4) Table(TD_TABLE): Table name in Treasure Data you would like to send data.
  • (5) DB(TD_DB): Database name in Treasure Data you would like to send data.
  • (6) key(TREASURE_WRITEKEY): Treasure Data’s write key. You can get the write key from your Treasure Data console(see Get the API Key).

Step 4: Setup postback url

Check ‘Modify Template’, then template postback url are shown. You can modify the url to add or delete any macros(e.g. ios_ifa={ios_ifa}). See Macros in Postback URLs for all availble macros.

Step 5: Select targeted mobile app and confirm the postback url

Finally, (1)select targeted mobile apps in ‘Mobile App’ you would like to integrate with this postback and (2)confirm that the postback URL are configured as expected with TD_TABLE/TD_DB/TREASURE_WRITEKEY variable expanded, then (3)click save.

Check the data on Treasure Data

Now you can see data is coming from TUNE to Treasure Data. Use SQL for analysis.

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