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td command and td-agent deprecation

td 0.11.4 and td-agent 1.1.20 have been officially deprecated. We strongly recommend updating your command line tools to td 0.11.5 or later, and updating your collectors to the latest stable release of td-agent 2.x as soon as possible.

New in these updates:

  • Patches for SSLv3 vulnerability
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.x.x to support deprecation of Ruby 1.9.3

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To check your versions, run:

OS Command
Mac $ td --version
Redhat & CentOS $ rpm -q td-agent
Ubuntu $ dpkg -l | grep td-agent
td-agent for Mac is only available in v2.x, so no action is required for mac-server collectors

td is included in td-agent package for Redhat & CentOS, Ubuntu

To update, run:

Mac and others needs different ways to upgrade, because v1 and v2 package structure are not compatible, update commands provided by package managers (ex: yum update) cannot be used to migrate from v1 to v2. To upgrade from v1 to v2 on Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu:

  1. Uninstall v1.
  2. Install v2.
  3. Install the plugins for v2. (More info)
OS Uninstall Command Install Command
Mac $ td update
Redhat & CentOS $ sudo yum remove td-agent $ curl -L | sh
Ubuntu Precise $ sudo apt-get remove td-agent $ curl -L | sh
Ubuntu Lucid $ sudo apt-get remove td-agent $ curl -L | sh

To see more info:

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