Upgrading td-agent

This article explains how to upgrade the td-agent daemon.

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Please use apt (Ubuntu) or yum (RHEL, CentOS) to upgrade the td-agent package.

# Ubuntu
$ apt-get update && apt-get install td-agent

# Redhat
$ yum update && yum install td-agent


When updating td-agent, you will need to restart the daemon. During this time, your application may post logs to td-agent.

If you’re using td-logger-ruby or td-logger-java, the logger library itself buffers the logged events up to a certain amount of data. Once the daemon returns, the buffered events will be flushed to td-agent.

If you’re using other languages, no buffering mechanism is implemented. So if you don’t want to lose your logs, please stop your applications first (by separating it from your load balancer or terminating the process, etc.) and then upgrade td-agent.

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