Tableau Desktop with Treasure Data

Using Tableau Desktop with Treasure Data allows users to interactively explore huge amounts of data.

We have a new ODBC driver for working with Tableau Desktop! Please reach out to to get set-up. The following driver & instructions are no longer actively supported.

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  • Windows 7, 8.1, or later
  • Tableau Desktop 8.2 (32-bit application)

Install ODBC Driver

Please install Treasure Data ODBC Driver, and register to your machine. We’ll assume you have DSN (Data Source Name) as Treasure Data in the following sections.

Establish ODBC Connection

Start Tableau and Select Driver

Please launch Tableau, and select Connect to Data first.


Please select Other Databases (ODBC) from the left menu, and select Treasure Data (or your own DSNNAME) in Connect Using section.


Please fill in Connection Attributes as well like followings, and click OK.


  • DSN: Treasure Data (Your DSN name)
  • Server:
  • Port: 5439
  • Database: public
  • Username: YOUR_EMAIL
  • Password: YOUR_PASSWORD

Select table and database on TreasureData

Please remain Database as Public, and select the database name in Treasure Data at Schema section. We know it’s a bit confusing :(

Set database

Next, please select the table name in Treasure Data, and click Go to Worksheet.

Set Table

Finally, you can directly connect to Treasure Data via Tableau.


Tips and Tricks

Convert time Field as Datetime Type

Treasure Data treats time column as unix timestamp by default, howevery it’s really convenient to handle timestamp with Datetime type on Tableau. To make the things easy, this section describes how to create the calculated Datetime field for “time” column.

select time

Select Creat Calculated Field...

select calc field

Then, please put the name, put the following function within Formula section.

sql RAWSQL_DATETIME("from_unixtime(%1)", [time])

set calc field

After that, the calculated field appiers in a list of Dimensions, with Datetime type.

Set t

Contact Us

Are you interested in using Treasure Data with Tableau? Please fill in the form to consult our technical staffs.

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