Slemma with Treasure Data

Slemma is a purely web-based solution for data-exploration and reporting, which operates on the top of your database.

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  • Slemma account
  • Treasure Data account with Presto Plan, and Basic knowledge of Treaure Data

Step 1: Create Integration

First, visit the Integration Page, and select Treasure Data.

Then, fill Database Name and Username which means your email address, and Password.

Next, click Connect, and you can select the type of a dataset that you want to create based on this integration.

Finally, you can see an item of Treasure Data integration.

Step 2: Create Datasets

First, visit the Dataset Page, and select an integration item which you created.

Then, you can select a way to extract data from Treasure Data; Write SQL query or Choose Table or View

After choosing the extract way, you can see the preview of data.

Step 3: Build a Chart

You can also click any dataset and choose Create report, Create dashboard or Create presentation options.

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What’s Next?

If you need further information, please consult our resources page. If you don’t have an account yet, please proceed to the quickstart guide.

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