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Cross-Channel Segmentation

Segmentation is the activity of filtering a collection of customer profiles. Within Treasure Data, you can create customer segments, based on the touch point from any channels.

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To perform any customer segmentation, the Audience must already be built by Audience Builder. The audience is the basis for all data you view in Batch Segmentation and Real-time Segmentation.

Batch or Real-time Segmentation

You can create two types of segments from your Audience: Batch Segments and Real-time Segments

Batch Segments

Batch segmentation occurs against audiences built from data across a variety of different sources, and unified utilizing Treasure Workflow and the Audience Creation features. As such, these audiences can be more deeply enriched and customized to handle your marketing team’s most complex use cases.

Batch Segments can then be used for either syndication to marketing tools and advertising networks, such as email campaign platforms and social networks. In addition, you can use Batch Segments to enable real-time personalization for people visiting your website, using the Personalization API.

Real-Time Segments

Real-time Segmentation is different in that it is operating against streaming data as it’s arriving to Treasure Data in real-time. As such, it’s currently limited for use against data deriving from websites with Javascript SDK installed. In addition, it’s limited to a more narrow range of segmentation logic.

The advantage of Real-time Segmentation is that it can be used to create segments from even the most recent actions taken by someone on your website, including visitors coming to your website for the first time.

Real-Time Segmentation can be used to enable real-time personalization for people visiting your website, using the Personalization API.

Create a New Segment

Now that you either select Batch Segments or Real-time Segments from the Audience Suite menu, click New Batch Segment to create the new customer segment. Then click (+) button to start creating the conditions within the segment.

Attributes, Behaviors, and existing Segments

Then you can create conditions based on Attributes, Behaviors, and existing Segments.

Segmentation by Attributes

You can create segments by customer attributes.

Segmentation by Behaviors

You can create segments by customer’s behaviors.

Segmentation with existing Segments

You can create segments based on the segments already saved or defined.

And / Or

Now you can combine multiple conditions by either And / Or.

Save the Segment

Finally, hit the Save button to name the segments and save it permanently.

Activate Your Segments

After you create your segments, you can syndicate segments to target systems or use them with Personalization API. Refer to the following topics:

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