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Cross-Channel Syndication

After you create segments, you can syndicate or send the segment data to the target systems such as Email Marketing Systems, Marketing Automation Systems, Advertising Platforms, CRM, ERP, Cloud Services, SFTP, etc. The Syndication view makes it easier to send customer segments to various systems.

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How to Create the Syndication

Step 1: Choose the Target Segment

First, select the target segment, and click Syndications tab.

Step 2: Create New Syndication

Then, click New Syndication button on the top right.

Step 3: Select Target

Now you can select the target system to syndicate. To add the new target, go to Connections page.

Step 4: Complete the Other Fields

Finally, fill in other fields for syndication.

Step 5: Save and Run

Click Save to save the customer segment, and then click Run to start the syndication.

You can also set the Schedule to run the syndication periodically (e.g. Monthly, Daily, Hourly).

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