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Viewing Customer Profiles

You can view a collection of data about each customer or account in the Audience. You use the Customer view to further determine how you want to segment the customers or accounts.

Before you can use the Customer view, the Audience must be built by Audience Builder. The audience is the basis for all data you view in the Customers view.

The Profile page enables you to assess customer characteristics and behaviors. The Attribute page enables you to specify attributes of the customer or account that you want to track and focus on, for example, td_client_id, td_country_name, and td_interest_words.

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Task Steps

From the main marketer pane, click Customer. And then click on a specific customer.

In the Profile tab

The data from Audience is parsed, with the ability to group data by customer sessions and by campaign. The data captures characteristics and behavior of the customer (or account). Automatic inferencing is also applied to the data. For example, using an IP address, a customer location is inferred. Also central language processing is applied against the data so that, for example, based on type of pages visited, topics of interest can be inferred.

In the Attributes tab

You see a list of attributes. The attributes are defined when you build the Audience. If you use TD JavaScript SDK, the predefined attributes provided by the SDK are visible here. TD JavaScript SDK attributes have the prefix td_.

Tips on how to use the Customer view

You can use the Customer view to identify a combination of behaviors, characteristics, and attributes that compel the creation of a segment. For example, you might find, within your audience, several customers that live in the same geolocation, have visited your ecommerce site more than once within the last 180 days, and, through the TD inference feature are shown to have a common area of interest. You then might decide to create a segment of these customers.

You can also use the Customer view to refine segments that you already created. Perhaps within the Segment you see that you have too few customers that meet the segment parameters. Or perhaps the segment parameters are not specific enough and the segment is too large to be used for personalized communications. You can go back and peruse customers to find behaviors, characteristics, and attributes that you can add to the segment filters in order to better target a specific audience.

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