Notification for Scheduled Jobs

Treasure Data has a notification feature for scheduled jobs. It provides you two case notifications automatically, so you do not care scheduled jobs status.

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  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data.
  • Scheduled job which is created by Web Console or CLI.
  • Manual executed job is not scoped.


You do not need any setup. This notification is set automatically. This means, you are not able to disable this notification.

Notify Situation

Notification runs two situations.

CASE 1: Any error happen

If scheduled job faced any error, Treasure Data notifies it for you by email.

Hi <name>,

Job 123456789 has failed. It was initiated automatically at 2016-04-11 07:00:00 +0900 by your scheduled query job_title. 

You may manually retry and run the query as is. Alternatively you may view and edit the query before running. We'll send you a notification when the next job for this query successfully executes.
If same error happens consistently, notification is first time only.

CASE 2: Fixed error job

When error job fixed failure situation, Treasure Data notifies it for you by email.

Hi <name>,

Your scheduled query job_title was failing, but Job 123456789 which was initiated automatically at 2016-04-11 06:15:00 +0900 completed successfully! 

While this query is fixed, you may need to manually rerun any previously failed jobs.

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