Writing Job Results to nend

Treasure Data allows you to retarget your mobile audience using nend retargeting platform provided by F@N Communications, Inc. This article explains how to write job results directly to your nend.

Table of Contents


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data, including the toolbelt.
  • Data imported into Treasure Data, that you wish to export into nend.
  • A working knowledge of SQL, Hive, or Presto.
  • A nend account.


Visit Treasure Data console, go to query editor, and enter your query into the query editor.

Next: click Add for Result Export, and select nend. Please fill out all the information below.

Once you execute your query, Treasure Data query result will be automatically imported into nend.

You have to set result column name "uid".

Last modified: Feb 24 2017 09:27:52 UTC

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