Writing Job Results into Leftronic.

Leftronic is an online dashboard service. This article explains how to output query results as data points for dashboard graphs.

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Scheduled Queries

A typical use case is to setup a scheduled query in Treasure Data and output the results to a line graph in Leftronic. The resuling time series provides a great at-a-glance performance metric. This can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: In the Leftronic dashboard, create a new line graph. Click on the properties for this graph and take note of its streamName. This is a reference name to the graph, which we’ll use in the next steps. Also find out your accessKey. Leftronic’s documentation describes how to obtain your accessKey.

Create a new "Line Graph" in Leftronic

Get the "Stream Name" from graph properties

Step 2: Set up a scheduled query. This will execute periodically and send the result to your Leftronic graph as a data point.

$ td sched:create mymetric_hourly "0 * * * *" \
  -d testdb \
  --result "leftronic://accessKey/streamName" \

Note that accessKey and streamName are the parameters mentioned in Step 1.

The query result should contain only one row with two columns. The first column should contain a timestamp value in UNIX epoch format. The second column should contain the value associated with each timestamp. In this example, we are counting the number of entries in the www_access table that occured within the past hour.

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