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Writing Job Results to Datorama

This article explains how to send job results directly to Datorama via FTP.

Table of Contents


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data and Datorama.
  • Treasure Data and Datorama account.

Basic Usage

Create Data Stream

Create a data stream within Datorama with a sample results CSV format file and define the mapping for it. Refer to Datorama documentation on how to create and map data streams.

Delivery Information

Once the data stream is created, note down the Delivery Information (Push data) for the specific data stream. Screenshot below.

Configure Result Export

In Treasure Data, use the Result Export option and select ‘FTP’ as your ‘Export to’ option. Fill in the Host, Port, Username and Password from Datorama. In the Path field, you can specify the name of the file. For more details on how FTP export works in Treasure Data, see


The query in Treasure Data can be scheduled to push results into Datorama at any cadence you prefer by using the Scheduling option.

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