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Treasure Reporting (Reporting & Dashboarding)

Treasure Reporting is a lightweight cloud Reporting option on Treasure Data, for small to medium size customers. You can create reports and dashboards and deliver them to your entire team. Treasure Reporting is powered by Slemma, with an optimized and tight integration with Treasure Data.

This feature is available as an Add-On to our core cloud service offering. Please contact your Treasure Data representative for the trial.

Table of Contents

Introduction Video

Here’s the 3 minutes introduction video about Treasure Reporting.

When to Use Treasure Reporting?

We recommend the Treasure Reporting option for those with basic reporting requirements. For companies with more complex reporting needs, we recommend some of our BI partners including:

What Features are Supported?

The basic features of Treasure Reporting are listed below.

  • Create Reporting & Dashboard
  • Supported Chart Types
    • Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Donut Chart
    • Single Value
    • Gauge
    • Progress bar
    • Map
    • Scatter plot
    • Pyramid
    • Simple / Cross Table
    • Histogram
    • Word Cloud
  • Email Delivery
  • Team Management

How to Use?

Since Treasure Reporting is designed to be lightweight, there’s only 3 basic steps to have:

You’ll have a dashboard in 5 minutes :) If not, please contact us.

Next Steps

For more advanced use cases, pleaser refer to the knowledge base of Slemma, the product Treasure Reporting is built upon.

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