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Release Note 20180601

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the June 1st, 2018 release. If you have any product feature requests, submit them at

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Collection: Google AdWords

You can now ingest key ad, campaign, and audience insights directly into the Treasure Data platform, with just a few clicks. Learn more: Beta Integration with Google AdWords (Input)

Collection: Brandwatch

If you’d like to ingest social mentions across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, this integration is for you. You now have the flexibility of analyzing your social data across specific projects, queries and query groups all within a single data hub. Learn more: Beta Integration with Brandwatch (Input)

Collection: Salesforce

We’ve secured our Salesforce integration by now supporting OAuth authentication prior to ingesting all your raw data into the Treasure Data platform. Learn more: Salesforce (Input)

Documentation for Treasure Data: We’re Moving

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