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Release Note 20180501

This is a summary of new features and improvements introduced in the May 1st, 2018 release. If you have any product feature requests, submit them at

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Audience Suite: Folder-based Organization for Segments

You can now create folders within a segment view. You create folders to group related segments. You might want to create a folder for each campaign applied to a segment. Or group segments by similar interest or actions such as customers who always try the latest release and customers who are very brand loyal. Folders help to keep your segmentation organized and easy to access.

Machine Learning: Hivemall v0.5.0

Hivemall library was upgraded to v0.5.0 from v0.4.2-rc.3. Major changes include:

  • RandomForest supports sparse efficient feature vector format
  • Added Feature selection, anomaly detection and topic modeling functionalities
  • Added General predictors

Collection: Hashing Filter

You can now apply a hash filter to your data connector import. Use the hash filter to specify hashing algorithm on certain columns. You specify the filter in your configuration file (.yml). See Hash filter for more information.

Output: Update Tableau Online

Tableau has released a new Hyper format. Hyper is Tableau’s new extract format, replacing the TDE format. TD customers should start preparing for TD’s support of Tableau’s new Hyper format.

Existing TD customers who are using Tableau Online and Server 10.5+ should upgrade their existing Tableau output configurations. To upgrade, you complete the following steps:

  • Go to Query Editor and click Output Results.
  • Choose your saved Tableau connection and uncheck the Legacy mode box.
  • Then provide the Site ID (which is the URL of the site that you are signing into).
  • Click Done to save your configuration.

Click here to view detailed instructions on the output configuration.

Users with new Tableau output configurations should ensure that their configuration is set to support the new Hyper format. Similar to the upgrade steps for existing configurations, new output configurations should ensure that the option Legacy mode is not selected. No other upgrade action is required for new output configuration.

Note: while we advise all our customer to ensure that their output configuration support Tableau’s new Hyper format, not upgrading will not break existing jobs.

Upgrade of output configurations is the first phase towards full Treasure Data support of Hyper format. We expect to complete the second phase of support before our June Release Note. We will let know you when full support is available.

Admin: Presto Utilization Dashboard

Treasure Data now offers a dashboard view of your Presto utilization. Use the dashboard to monitor use of your Presto resources and ensure that you stay within your plan, or make changes to your plan or your usage pattern.

The Presto Utilization Dashboard is available upon request to US customers with a plan to rollout availability internationally soon. Contact your administrator if you want to use the Presto Utilization dashboard. Refer to more information on the dashboard.

Admin: Workflow UI & Audience Suite Permissions

You can now control who has access to utilize Workflow UI and Audience Suite, via modifying permissions on a per-user level on their profile page.

For Workflow UI, all users have Full Access by default. Access options are:

  • Full Access
  • Run & View
  • View Only

For Audience Suite, permissions are available if you have the permissions feature turned on for your account. Access options are:

  • Full Access | Users can access
  • No Access | Users are redirected to

Client: td command v0.16.2

td command v0.16.2 was released. This includes various fixes and improvements.

Client: Ruby Client Library v1.0.6

td-client-ruby v1.0.6 was released. This includes the support for Result Export Job Separation from Query Job.

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